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If there’s one question that has resonated in the minds of hundreds of people, whether they be managers, directors or leaders of key areas at the organizations we’ve worked with, it’s almost always…

“How do we do it?”

“How do we build a team that's more committed to the company's results?”

“How do we create memorable experiences, both internally and externally?”

“How can we improve the organization’s operations and make it more efficient and productive?”

So they start implementing actions to help them find the right answer:

They hire a consultancy firm of ‘experts’ in the field to help them identify where they may be failing and how they can motivate each person on the team.

They draw up various analyses and reports to set tangible targets and identify ‘areas for improvement’ that hinder the flow of work processes.

They organize multiple team building meetings in the hope that, at the end of the day, the machinery will be set in motion and the business will ‘finally’ achieve the desired results.

And, after trying very hard, they decide to redefine their strategy replacing it with another one that doesn’t work either.

Until they come to our team, expecting a ‘concrete’ answer, and are astonished by what they find.

We show them, with a simple example, that the real solution to all their concerns is found inside the team itself, not outside it.

For a moment, imagine that your organization’s objective is to build a house. Each member of the team has a unique and valuable skill: there are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, master builders, etc.

And although everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, they don’t understand that for their work to function, it’s essential that they work together.

If not, they’ll have uneven floors, a leaking roof, poorly laid piping and an unstable house that when finished, doesn’t even withstand the first gust of wind.

What happens is that many underestimate the importance of teamwork until they understand it’s the only way to achieve ambitious and sustainable targets.

What happened with our “hypothetical house” also happens at companies.

We can achieve more together than we can separately.

Only by promoting collaboration, open communication and collective responsibility will teams be able to build that solid structure that will support the organization.

Perhaps now it’s clearer and you only have one question in mind:
What role does Manahmana play in this process?

We're the architect of that ‘construction team’ in your company, and our job is to help it be built in a fluid, effective and coordinated way.

We teach people how to align themselves with the objectives, promote internal communication and collaborate with each other, giving them the tools and resources they need to do their work in the most efficient way possible for the organization.

In short, we ensure that your team builds a solid and effective structure, capable of resisting any internal or external factors that may try to destabilize it.

And what we do is called “facilitation”.

Facilitation is a team-centred approach that helps people to collaborate effectively with each other, make decisions together and achieve common goals.

We use mechanisms that promote open communication, assertiveness and collective responsibility to help organizations find solutions to their internal challenges.

Like this, we guide companies towards overcoming any obstacles that prevent them from progressing and achieving their objectives.

How do we do it?
We facilitate together

We identify the challenges you’re facing, custom-design a methodological approach for you and support you in implementing it from start to finish.

With this service, we help you build spaces to achieve the results you expect within a precise timeframe. We also design personalized experiences with which your team can pause, consider and discover the actual value they contribute.

In this way, they can broaden their vision, get aligned with the organization and go in the same direction as the other teams.

We turn your team into “facilitators” of the best experiences

If you’re a company that wants to transform the way you work and build a more flexible and collaborative culture, you can use the team you already have in place to design the roadmap to get you there.

With this approach, the people on your team will become process facilitators, capable of leading and designing experiences to help the company grow and progress in the right direction.

We give you the tools and techniques needed for you to develop their facilitation and leadership skills, inspiring and motivating the organization to improve its performance.

We transform meetings that don’t connect with anyone into engaging and motivating sessions that have an impact

This allows executives, project coordinators and leaders to only be concerned with finding efficient, fast and business-relevant solutions.

They no longer need to worry about making their meetings a more participative and motivating experience that inspires every member of the team.

By relying on our experience and ability to design meetings that have an impact, you save a lot of time and effort spent planning details so you can focus on doing what you love.

And you’ll surprise your team with innovative working dynamics that encourage active participation and the assimilation of different points of view, creating a comfortable environment conducive to co-creation.

The work of facilitation is something that is highly appreciated in organizations like ours because it fosters cooperation, teamwork and the incorporation of different points of view in order to solve a challenge or a problem. From the first moment I was struck by your enthusiasm, freshness and joy that comes from the passion of enjoying the work you do. You have great empathy with the client and also a solid method of working without losing focus on the objective and result.

Mikel Herrera Isasi │ SD Manager / Development and Strategy of HR VOLKSWAGEN

Sorry, we haven't told you who we are yet!
We’re Maialen and Aitor

We created Manahmana to help companies develop projects that foster creativity, innovation and internal communication.

After 8 years and an in-depth analysis of what we were doing, we discovered that our job wasn’t about giving businesses ‘the formula’ to achieve their goals, but to help them find their own solutions to:

And that’s when we discovered that this approach is called “facilitation”.

Since then, we’ve been active members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and are committed to guiding companies (and their teams) to identifying the elements that’ll lead them in the right direction towards their organizational objectives.

We’ve been doing this for more than 15 years and we’re so passionate about helping companies grow by developing their human talent that we want to share with you how we do it.

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