Do you know how much time, money and effort your company could save having a cohesive team that is all on the same page and focused on the same objectives?

If you’re aware that the most important thing in your company is its human talent and you’ve come to find out how to maximize it to transform your results and achieve all your objectives, you’ve come to the right place.

There are two types of companies in the world:

The difference between the two is that the former is concerned with the team’s development and continuous improvement, while the latter stands idly by until it’s too late and the project fails.

Why? Because the secret of the most successful organizations is the same secret that lies behind the workings of a Swiss watch

Each piece has been meticulously designed to fulfil a specific role and achieve a common objective:

Measuring time accurately.

If its components don’t work in harmony, errors disrupt it, efficiency decreases and the watch inevitably stops working.

It’s not about the quality of the individual elements, but how they work together to make the watch function.

The same principle applies to companies whose professionals, despite being among the best, don’t successfully work as a team.

Setbacks arise, people start going in different directions and goals become unattainable.

A strong, coordinated and collaborative team is to a company what gears are to a watch.

It isn’t the sum of the skills of its professionals, but the combination of all that talent, following the same path.

In which each person identifies their role and understands how to fit in without hindering the rest.

In which each member provides solutions and works in harmony with everyone else.

And in which challenges are overcome together, with a single objective in mind: the company’s success.

This translates into greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for the company

This isn’t about investing more and more in new and different professionals, but about getting the most out of the knowledge and skills that the people on the team already have.

And that’s exactly what we do at Manahmana.
We help companies develop a collaborative environment that maximizes achievements and improves the performance of the people who are part of the organization, enabling them to achieve tangible objectives such as:
+ Profitability
Maximizing revenues and reducing costs to increase profit margins.
+ Productivity

Enhancing the effectiveness of processes and operations to increase productivity and performance.

+ Customer loyalty

Retaining existing customers and increasing their loyalty to the company.

+ Innovation

Developing new products, services and lines of business (and transforming existing lines) to stay at the forefront of their industry.

+ Talent retention

Fostering a positive identity as a leader at the company to improve the satisfaction and motivation of the people who work there.

At Manahmana, they connect well with people and generate optimal connections to make things happen. Their excellent experience and use of tools and methodologies stans out in the industry. They do all this in a friendly and relaxed way that encourages co-creation and the generation of ideas. I appreciate their ability to orient themselves perfectly in every context and situation. They take great care of the details, during the sessions and throughout the entire participation process. They also have their own clear, differentiated and highly identifiable value proposition. The aesthetics, the tone, the culture and the methodology are a brand closely linked to the people who make up the Manahmana team.

Álex Uriarte Etxeberria │ President of AEDIPE | Director of People and Culture at Grupo IED

Sorry, we haven't told you who we are yet!
We’re Maialen and Aitor

We created Manahmana to help companies develop projects that foster creativity, innovation and internal communication.

After 8 years and an in-depth analysis of what we were doing, we discovered that our job wasn’t about giving businesses ‘the formula’ to achieve their goals, but to help them find their own solutions to:

And that’s when we discovered that this way of working is called “facilitation”.

Since then, we’ve been active members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and are committed to guiding companies (and their teams) to identifying the elements that will lead them in the right direction towards their organizational objectives.

But we’re not alone in this. Our project has a dream team that’s ready to help you.

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