We facilitate work processes, transformation and growth in companies that want to maximize their teams’ talent.

Find out how to make the people in your company feel more engaged, united and committed to business results.

When a company’s human talent isn’t fully engaged with project results, organizations tend to assume that the reason is:

People aren’t able to collaborate with each other and don’t find common goals to strive for, so the working environment suffers and business results fall short of expectations.

However, the key to successful companies is almost always found in the team.

It isn’t about having the largest market share, the most attractive offer or the most experience in the industry.

It’s about having an integrated team in a productive working environment, where creativity, innovation and commitment are fostered.

When an organization recognises the value of its human talent, their level of engagement increases, as does:

The team’s productivity
Business profitability

And customer satisfaction

And this is Manahmana’s mission: to help companies, multinationals, associations and public institutions create productive, happy and efficient work cultures.

We’re Maialen and Aitor

And thanks to Facilitation, we discovered that it’s possible to design participatory spaces for companies to be able to achieve their goals in the shortest possible timeframes.

We show them how to maximize the talent they already have.

Our work is about showing individuals, teams and organizations how to turn their individual skills into a collective strength.

We help them to communicate assertively, resolve conflicts and overcome internal and external business challenges to achieve their objectives together.

We believe in the active participation and self-management of teams to build a more agile, collaborative and efficient business culture.

And we know there isn’t a single magic formula that works for everyone.

That’s why we harness people’s value and knowledge so they can transform their businesses and discover the formula that works best for them.

We started our project with the aim of helping companies grow, fostering creativity, innovation and internal communication to:

Like a sports coach, we can’t run the marathon for our clients.

But we can facilitate the tools they need to compete, show them the roadmap that will get them to their destination faster, and give them the confidence they need to cross the finish line.

We guide, motivate and support you along the way so that you can win this race and all the races to come

And on the mission to take your company to winning that long-distance race, we’d like to introduce you to the ‘coaches’ who can help!
Maialen Oregi

Founding Partner and Facilitator

Responsible for structuring, landing and setting in motion each team’s ‘machinery’.

She’s someone who builds, organizes and learns by doing.

She enjoys socializing, meeting new people and reading a lot, especially if it’s Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.

She believes that “life is to be enjoyed, it’s what we make of it, and that the way we live it is the most important thing”.

Aitor Guisasola

Founding Partner and Facilitator

He enjoys listening to the people around him as much as he enjoys listening to his favorite David Bowie album.

He turns boredom into fun, and infects the world with his enthusiasm with which he experiences each project.

He values design and attention to detail, for each action to have a unique touch.

And he’s convinced that trust is the basis for creating the best solutions for conflicts.

Jon Alonso


To the tune of “I Want To Know What Love Is” (Foreigner), he is one of those people who knows how to find the value in the little things.

Decisive, passionate and always eager to learn new things, he looks at each new project with the same enthusiasm.

He’s an expert at putting energy, excitement and enthusiasm into everything he does, and we love being there to watch him.

Leire Iriarte

Communications Manager

The three words that define her best are: commitment, desire and passion.

The energy, confidence and cheerfulness with which she undertakes each project are as natural to her as her ability to bring out the best in the people around her.

She says her favourite place in the world is San Francisco, but we think it’s Manahmana, because she never tires of coming in to create new things.

Unai Aranguren

Audiovisual communicator

Although he’s more of a trail runner than a marathon runner, he inspires us with his ability to keep growing professionally, come up with new ideas and see them through without hesitation.

He’s as passionate about audiovisual communication as he is about trail running, and it’s only natural because his talent for overcoming obstacles and becoming great in spite of them is definitely innate.


We are part of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and our purpose is to guide companies (and their teams) to identifying the elements that will lead them in the right direction towards their business objectives.

At Manahmana they are experts in facilitation. They adapt 100% and their agility allows them to quickly understand the current business situation and design solutions. They are agents of change in times of organizational transformation. They are a key partner when it is necessary to reflect among teams, co-construct joint visions and strengthen new organizations.

Rosa Pintado │ Danone Iberia Leadning Lead, Human Resources, IBERIA DANONE

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